About Us

"By combining our different areas of specialty with shared goals, we enable our personnel to become leaders in what we do as a team"
(Daniel Subbotin, Co-Founder, EPICITI)


To become the industry leader in the provision of access to mobile dental services, and to be recognized for both strategic patient management, as well as the effective and innovative promotion of denture care.


EPICITI is on a mission to promote dental care initiatives and raise awareness of oral healthcare in our community by ensuring that patients and care providers are fully informed. Our mission is fulfilled by direct participation in community programs and leaders in long-term care facilities. Through periodic continuing education to our partnered dental professionals, EPICITI will work to achieve complete satisfaction and standardized treatment protocols to all patients.


First and foremost, EPICITI is a team. As such, our skilled specialists work together to provide the most attentive, personalized and quality dental services available.

Daniel Subbotin - BSc, BA, DD

Executive Director of Operations & Co-Founder
Daniel Subbotin
"We have a shared interest in directing our efforts to seniors and doing our part in our community; it is our opportunity to give back to those from whom we have received" (D. Subbotin)

Daniel and EPICITI share a goal in common: notably, to encourage the oral health and well-being of seniors in LTC facilities. Motivation and innovation are Daniel's twinned values, along with ensuring patients feel their needs are being recognized and met with care.

Ricardo Iaboni - BA, DD

Director of Facility Relations & Co-Founder
Ricardo Iaboni
"I'm proud of knowing there are people out there whose lives have been directly, positively influenced by the work we've done for them" (R. Iaboni)

As a skilled denturist and EPICITI's Director of Facility Relations, Ricardo is driven by a career ethic that puts patient consideration, professionalism and quality of workmanship at the highest level of importance.

Andrew Petrov - DD, RDT

Laboratory Supervisor & Quality Control
Andrew Petrov
"I'm dedicated to ensuring the highest level of excellence in the clinic, as well as in the laboratory" (A. Petrov)

Andrew fills two key roles with EPICITI: treating patients and overseeing dental lab operations. His knowledge of both the clinical and technical aspects of denturism make him an integral part of EPICITI's framework.

Elena Klassen - BSc, RN

Elena Klassen
"I urge our partnered facilities and patients to get in touch anytime: I'm happy to answer questions, or help in any way I can" (E. Klassen)

At EPICITI, we take pride in our professionalism and excellence, but also in our efficiency and communication standards - with patients, their loved ones, and the long term care facilities with which we work. Elena's medical background and administrative proficiency are essential aspects of EPICITI's dynamic operation.