Denture Care From the Easy Chair

Written by Daniel Subbotin BSc, BA, DD
April 17, 2011

Enjoy the convenience and privacy of denture care at home.  

As we face the technology and changes that are representative of the twenty-first century, some of the traditions from years past seem somehow attractive.  Do you remember how it felt to have fresh milk delivered to your door as needed? Do you remember how it felt to have a gas station attendant pump your gas?

If those recollections are good ones, how about the convenience and lack of stress associated with your health professional coming to your home?  The possibilities of that happening have been made available, with respect to your ongoing needs for a house call on your oral hygiene and denture care.

With the time associated with making office appointments, traveling to and from the denturist, sitting in the waiting room and the overall discomfort associated with in-office treatment – why not consider an alternative?

A house call may be the best outcome imaginable, both for you and your dentures.  When you think of the alternatives, the concept of in-home denture services and an in-home care denturist may be the best solution for a number of your concerns.

What is to be gained and why may a house call be the best choice available to you? What are the benefits and why would this be a good thought for you?

The visiting denturist can help you maintain or improve your oral health as well as teach you how to manage your health condition. Services can be provided temporarily if you are adjusting or recovering from a hospital stay, or an ongoing basis, if you need continued help to adapt to an illness or injury.


The objectives for mobile denture home care services include assessing your needs, planning and providing care or teaching you to care for yourself. The growth of the aging population combined with trends in policies that promote care at home have combined to produce home-based denture services.  Many dental professionals may offer denture house call services as an option but it’s especially important to choose a team that specializes in providing home-based denture care. This is of critical importance because the practitioner needs to be equipped with the proper portable equipment designed for mobile use.  Of equal significance is the fact that a company specializing in house calls has the capacity to dispatch denturists committed to onsite care, thus ensuring a practitioner is readily available to see patients on demand, preventing unnecessary delays in treatment.

Technology has made the most current and patient-centered procedures both accessible and convenient for house calls.  In fact, the home setting has created numerous advantages over traditional care:

  • No need to juggle schedules to accommodate denture care.  Scheduling is very flexible.
  • Eliminates the challenges of transporting a patient.
  • Avoids dental clinic waiting times.
  • Rather than rushed clinic times, house call denturists can provide relaxed, quality time with patients. More opportunities to discuss treatment options, progress and ongoing care are made available.


House calls are a convenient solution for those who face mobility challenges of any kind.  Mobile denturists often provide services outside traditional business hours.  Because they are mobile, they can offer the convenience of onsite denture care.  Additionally, chronic conditions can be accommodated through house calls so that conditions such as agoraphobia, strokes, dementia, muscular dystrophy, cerebral palsy, lymphodema, anxiety, brain trauma and arthritis are not barriers preventing residents from receiving proper dental treatment.

Urgent Response

With one simple phone call or email, the local denturist can make himself or herself available to provide care in a familiar and comfortable environment.  This is especially important in the event of a broken or fractured denture.

Focused Care

In the comfort of your daily living environment, the denturist is able to work within your surroundings, making further recommendations toward improved oral and overall health.  The visiting health professional can make recommendations on the replacement period of dentures, generally three to five years.  Quality of care is enhanced without usual interruptions from other patients, staff and telephones.  More importantly, numerous dental conditions can be identified and addressed in those patients unable to leave their homes. These include such oral conditions as gum disease, inflammation, staining of dentures and natural teeth, difficulty with swallowing or chewing, loose-fitting dentures, dry mouth and bad breath due to bacterial and fungal infections.  Because denture plastic is porous and subject to bacterial accumulation, it requires periodic proper cleaning and replacement.


With denture house call services, your customary reliability on professionalism and standards of care are fully respected and accommodated.  Focus is placed on the visiting health professionals for successful treatment associated with in-home care; such an area is insurance.  Denturists are required to maintain liability, commercial and malpractice insurance at all times.  As a result, these house calls are designed specifically to ensure client safety while protecting the privacy that is so urgently critical to patient security.

Denturists visiting patients at home must be fully organized and efficient to facilitate the house call services.  They should employ electronic management systems to facilitate and enhance communications between all parties.

How does it work in the home? What to expect?

The most attractive aspect of in-home denture services is that treatment can be provided anywhere in the home that is comfortable and convenient (kitchen, living room, bedside, etc.). Proper procedures are always taken to ensure that there is no cross-contamination between the home and laboratory, clinical materials and other patients’ dentures.

When arriving at the patient’s home the denturist will assess the current oral condition, making recommendations for improving fit, aesthetics, speech and function.  Any necessary technical work will be performed offsite in the dental lab, with the denturist returning for additional visits if adjustments are necessary.

The quality delivered is without compromise!

Because all procedures are completed according to standard protocols, the home call denture quality is of paramount importance.  This focus will not result in additional time dedicated to the overall treatment process or requirement for subsequent visits.

You, as the client, are always the priority – from convenience to safety to appropriate treatments and security.  Sit back, be comfortable and experience denture care from your easy chair!



About EPICITI- Onsite Denture Solutions

EPICITI – Onsite Dental Solutions is a company dedicated to providing the entire range of services to its patients, both in institutional residential settings and in the home. These services include oral health assessments and one-on-one educational sessions for the improvement of oral health, complete and partial dentures, rebasing, repairs, relines and emergency response.

Their coverage area provides denture services in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Scarborough, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Barrie, Oshawa and Pickering.

Initial consultations are provided on a no charge basis. Please call to schedule an appointment with one of our visiting mobile denturists.