When You Know That It’s Time for a Reline….

Written by Ricardo Iaboni BA, DD
July 14, 2011 

You won’t get a reminder or a phone call.  So you’ll need to look for the signs.

The indications that your dentures are ready for a reline will not be difficult to recognize.  They might be loose or there may be some spots that are tender.  Or maybe you have had some teeth extracted but didn’t have the dentures relined after the procedures.

Happily, the process for relining dentures is likely to be much less complicated and time-consuming than you might expect.  And you’ll have the experience and compassionate care of EPICITI – Mobile Dental Care, to do exactly what needs to be done for properly fitting and most comfortable dentures.

Two types of relining are available to you, hard reline and soft reline.  The hard reline is used most often but in those cases where you have the potential for pain or soreness, a soft layer can be placed between the acrylic and gums to minimize discomfort. 

No matter which procedure is required, it is vital that you contact your denturist for help.  Failure to do so can be an unfortunate source of poor health such as increased irritation, inflammation, the potential for infection and yes, it’s true, bad breath!

Mobile denturists at EPICITI – Mobile Dental Care can generally complete relines in one day, offering the highest quality of materials and precision adjustment.  Better yet, the entire process can be done from your easy chair at home or in your long-term care facility. 

Our priority is your comfort and satisfaction.  To achieve this, we are always in the process of embracing the newest and best in technology and materials while adhering to the traditional practice of treating one patient at a time, with all of the care and professionalism that you could imagine.

Don’t wait for the postcard to remind you to pursue the reline process.  It won’t be in your mailbox.  But with your diligence and attention to the best in dental preventive care, your reline can be done quickly and professionally, resulting in your best smile.



About EPICITI- Mobile Dental Care

EPICITI - Mobile Dental Care is a company dedicated to providing the entire range of services to its patients, both in institutional residential settings and in the home. EPICITI specializes in on-call, house call denture services.  These services include oral health assessments and one-on-one educational sessions for the improvement of oral health, complete and partial dentures, rebasing, repairs, relines and emergency response.

Their coverage area provides denture services in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Scarborough, Hamilton, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Newmarket, Barrie, Oshawa and Pickering.

Initial consultations are provided on a no charge basis. Please call to schedule an appointment with one of our visiting mobile denturists.