Benefits for Your Facilities

EPICITI and You: A valuable partnership...

EPICITI offers a range of benefits to you, your facility, and your residents. Providing access to high quality dental services with absolute convenience, but no cost to the facility is the paradigm by which we work with our facility partners. Our dedicated team and seamless service protocol ensure the following:


  • Convenience

    We come to you. EPICITI eradicates the difficulty of arranging offsite appointments, resident transportation and attendants.

  • Prestige of Facility

    When you partner with EPICITI, residents and their families value your dedication to promoting patient well-being.

  • No Facility Costs

    We oversee our own administrative and support functions: Our partnered facilities face no additional expenses or workload.

  • Operational Expediency

    EPICITI works with and around your facility's existing schedule. This ensures residents and daily functions remain undisturbed.

  • Reliability

    Our dual dedication to service reliability and excellence is a key strength of our partnerships.

  • Residents' Care

    EPICITI is committed to working with your residents as individuals.

  • Education and Development

    We offer valuable denture and oral healthcare seminars to your staff and residents, as well as access to educational resources.

  • EPICITI and the Environment

    When it comes to respecting the environment, we're committed. Advanced and paperless charting methods help us with this goal. We also adhere to our Green Policy by using safe dental materials, reducing clinical waste, and following environmentally sensible disposal procedures.